2007 New Ventures BC Competition 3rd Place finisher Bean Services unveiled Beanbills Version 2.5 today, the newest version of its web based Accounts Payable Control & Automation Solution.

This major application update addresses key features requested by customers including email to “capture” to allow customers and their vendors to email invoices directly into Bean’s Auto-Capture service, easily eliminating data entry.

“That’s right, you can truly say goodbye to data entry!! We’re thrilled to be releasing this new version. It’s going to make managing and controlling the AP process even easier,” said Jarrod Levitan, Bean’s CEO. “Now users can easily email their invoices directly into Beanbills where they’ll be electronically captured, avoiding one additional step to manually scan paper. Since everyone uses email, this will greatly enhance the experience of using the Beanbills application.”

Founded in 2005, Bean Services mission is to increase office productivity through user friendly and innovative e-payables software.

Mentor Profile: Darren Frew