There’s more to our Competition than the prizes. Over the past 16 years, 2000+ ventures have participated as a part of their startup journey, benefitting from mentorship, networking, and business education.

New Ventures BC was a tremendous experience and boost to Saltworks Technologies. The mentorship and networking were great and the time invested very much worthwhile. Winning the competition brought credibility and funding, which allowed Saltworks to accelerate its solar desalination technology and grow the company. New Ventures BC is a excellent means to heighten start-up technology and business innovation in BC.
Ben Sparrow, CEO, Saltworks Technologies
2008 First Prize Winner, Sustainability Prize Winner

New Ventures BC gave us access to an excellent network of business professionals. Through NVBC, we were able to refine our business plan and receive feedback from a fantastic mentor panel. The entire experience was outstanding – I highly encourage start-ups to participate!
Tamer Mohamed, Co-founder, Aspect Biosystems Ltd
2014 Second Prize Winner

We are extremely grateful for receiving the recognition and support from the team behind the competition. Being recognized as a winner provides us with additional validation in support of our fund raising activities.
We are eager to leverage this experience and help promote the competition and the hard work being performed every day throughout BC to build a stronger economic base through innovation.
Grant R. Campany, CEO, Microdermics
2016 First Prize Winner

The most invaluable and well run program we have ever participated in – simply a #mustdo for any tech entrepreneur in BC. We learned so much from the courses, from the mentors and from the other companies, a network we are still leveraging today.
Alexandra Greenhill, CEO and Founder, My Best Helper
2012 Third Prize Winner

 The New Ventures BC staff, volunteers, sponsors, and mentors were all wonderful. We also found the competition process to be hugely valuable to our company. They connected us with a group of mentors who continue to support us today and the competition process made us think critically about our business (with deadlines). Participating in the NVBC competition was truly a turning point for our company.
John Carter, Co-founder, Vonigo
2013 First Prize Winner

The services have been amazing.  We’ve received invaluable accounting and legal support.  All the sponsors seem really excited about what we’re doing.  As far as the cash is concerned, we’ve invested it in launching our first commercial product.  The prize money allowed us to accelerate our hiring plans and to grow our amazingly talented team.
James Jacobs, CEO, Ziva Dynamics
2015 Second Prize Winner

Your mentors are your ticket to taking your business to the next level. Ask them to be as candid and honest as possible, that’s where you’ll find the gold. We can’t thank our mentors enough for all their amazing support and mentorship during and after the competition!
Mike Tan, COO, Change Heroes
2015 Third Prize Winner, Vancity Social Venture Prize Winner

Between the exercise of building a business plan to the advice of our mentors, we were able to ask ourselves a lot of important questions which helped foster the direction and focus of our business. The process was something our entire team got behind and I am truly grateful for the experience.
Not only were we lucky enough to take home the top prize, we were able to further highlight the amazing talent within Victoria’s tech community.
Christina Seargeant, Operations Manager, MediaCore Technologies
2012 First Prize Winner

Winning the top prize brought Polymer Research Technologies recognition, exposure and above all validation. The news releases have generated tremendous interest for our technology in North America as well as globally. Above all we have been fortunate to absorb major investors for our commercialization phase.
I can strongly say that NVBC is the essential platform for growth of any startup company, and we were fortunate to be recognized and selected by them.
Kambiz Taheri, CEO & Founder, Polymer Research Technologies
2011 First Prize Winner

The New Ventures BC Competition is an awesome way to galvanize the local start-up community, bring expert mentors together, and focus on the fundamentals of starting a tech company.
James Degreef, CEO, Chatterblock
2011 Top 25

We found the competition challenging and rewarding as it made our company stretch itself and concentrate our efforts through the various stages to really understand how others perceived our company and why we need to clearly get the right message out to those who don’t have the benefit of our experience.
Phil Wilford, President, GreenScene AgriTek Inc
2011 Agritech Competition First Prize Winner

As a result of the placing in the competition, we’re received unsolicited offers of investment, we’ve had meetings with venture capitalists, and we’ve got meetings setup with big competitors who are interested in what we’re offering.
Alison Taylor, Co-founder, Jane Software
2016 Second Prize Winner

It may sound cliché but, for us, the competition really was about the process, not the prizes. Even experienced CEOs can benefit from a fresh, outside look at the business. The real value I obtained was the insightful feedback on our business plan from our team of very smart, very experienced mentors and the judging panel. Winning a prize that affirmed the value of what we are doing was a nice bonus and helped us accelerate the execution of our plan.
Daryl Hatton, CEO, FundRazr
2011 Vancity Social Venture Prize Winner

Awesense entered the New Ventures competition in 2011 with the goal of showcasing how we pivoted our business model to the judges. This wasn’t our first attempt at the competition. We learned new things that helped us refine the message and helped us to avoid common mistakes that have helped us tremendously beyond the competition.
The seminars are packed full of information that will help guide your business, and the networking sessions offer you a chance to meet all the right people to help move your business forward.
Mischa Steiner-Jovic, CEO, Awesense Wireless
2011 BC Hydro Sustainability Award Winner

This whole experience has been simply fantastic … a lot of work, but great planning exercise and discipline to make sure you are working ON the business and not just IN the business!  I have definitely learned that if you don’t, you can get lost in the details and truly not see the forest for the trees!
Ken Gnazdowsky, Founder,
2010-2011 BCIC-New Ventures Competition: Regional, Finalist

When we first started the competition in March, we really had no idea the education we were about to receive or the high level of mentorship that would be provided. Through each stage of the competition, we learned from industry leaders on everything from fundraising to execution strategy. We learned about common mistakes and pitfalls from other high growth entrepreneurs so that we didn’t have to make those mistakes ourselves.
On behalf of our entire team I would like to sincerely thank NVBC for giving our business the best “kick start” possible.
Terry Beech, Founder,
2010 First Prize Winner

We are targeting a much larger market with a better business plan, and have very strong prospects of closing $1M in seed and creating more jobs all as a result of participating in the competition.
Soroush Karimzadeh, CEO, Novarc Technologies
2016 Competition Finalist

Coming into the competition, we were hoping for a good vetting of our business by a very credible and well-regarded jury, and the results by far exceeded our expectations. The insight provided by our mentors was instrumental in the preparation and refinement of our presentation, while also contributing to the wider development of our business.
Toby Reid, Founder & President, Solegear Bioplastics
2010 Second Prize Winner

While we did not end up winning cash prizes, we did gain incredible value through the networking, mentorship and education that NVBC provided. We made connections that continue to be of value today.
As a company based in a non-urban area of BC, we were definitely the minority in the Vancouver competition and I am extremely pleased that NVBC has created the regional contest this year. There are some gems in the rural areas of BC and look forward to seeing them shine in the upcoming competition!
Amber Hayes, Co-owner, Adventure Engine
2008 Competition Finalist

New Ventures BC has provided an additional network to tap into and resulted in an introduction to the VANTEC Angels through Bob de Wit. Excellent mentor panel feedback during the presentations. Provided tight timelines to apply the rigor needed to finalize the business plan. Thank you for this opportunity. What an excellent program to have for start-up companies. When Augurex becomes a success I hope to “pay back” NVBC.
Norma Biln, Augurex Life Sciences Inc
2007 First Prize Winner

This was one of the most satisfying relationships of RFind’s existence. We were able to derive a lot of value from the whole mentorship experience that has had a significant and positive, impact on the overall development of the organization. The result has been a focused organization that has strong investor appeal and is quickly garnering strong market awareness. We had won even if we hadn’t won the competition.
Sharon Barnes, Co-founder, RFind Technologies
2006 First Prize Winner
Acquired by the Trapeze Group in 2012

The competition added credibility and created traction for Loom, as well as leading to a new partner, and investment.
We’re really impressed by the organization and the structure of the competition. The Q’s of each Round prepare businesses for the next, and they ask the right questions to make a really robust, if compact, business plan. Just making it to each Round, I felt I already won, since the very specific questions narrowed focus to the essentials, and made my plan better.
Without this direction, I wouldn’t have known exactly what’s expected. Interfacing with investors, financiers, mentors, and start-up experts along the way helped me focus considerably.
Matthew Kennedy, Founder, CEO, and CTO, Loom Inc.
2016 Top 25


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