Exit Strategies

Startup sprint 2017: Nat Burgess

How does an exit fit into your longer term business strategies? “Exit Strategies for Emerging Tech Companies” will discuss how to talk about the exit to investors while in an…

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Capital Planning

Startup Sprint 2017: Jill Earthy, Sana Kapadia, Sarah Applebaum

What is a capital plan, and what are the different financing options based on the stage of your startup? This panel discussion will illustrate your options. Speaker panel: Jill Earthy,…

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Making the Pitch

Norma Biln: 2017 Startup Sprint

What goes into a winning pitch? 2007 BCIC-New Ventures Competition winner Norma Biln will share tips for refining and perfecting your pitch. Speaker: Norma Biln, CEO of Augurex Life Sciences…

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Non-dilutive Funding

Startup Sprint 2017: Erik Ashdown

Looking for funding sources that will let you keep your equity? Erik Ashdown, Director of Business Development, Boast Capital, provides tips for Canadian sources of grant funding for your venture.

Corporate Structure

Startup Sprint 2017: Steven Saville and Jonathan Conlin

This seminar will address the initial corporate matters you need to consider in building your technology company. Speakers: Steven Saville, Partner at Fasken Martineau, and Jonathan Conline, Associate at Fasken…

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Sales for Startups

Startup Sprint 2017: Christine Best

What are the essentials in developing your startup sales strategy? This seminar will cover the language of sales, the role of sales, and how to drive sales. Speaker: Christene Best,…

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Financial Modeling

Sean Hodgins: 2017 Startup Sprint

Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to align with strategic investors, raise capital, and grow your business. In this seminar, Sean Hodgins of Tandem Accounting Group will discuss how…

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