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2014 Round 2 Companies Announced

April 22nd, 2014 by NVBC Admin

We’ve reviewed all 126 entries to the 2014 BCIC-New Ventures Competition, and 119 are eligible to proceed to Round 2.

Take a look at the companies in the running for $300,000 in cash & prizes. Next, these companies get to work on a 5-page business overview, due May 8th.

2014 Round 2 Companies (listed in alphabetical order): Read more

Video Replay: Assessing the Opportunity with Ralph Turfus

April 17th, 2014 by NVBC Admin

This year’s first seminar Assessing the Opportunity with Ralph Turfus served as a great kick-off to the 2014 BCIC-New Ventures Competition.

Attendees were guided through creating a positioning of statement to help differentiate their startup from the competition. Ralph also highlighted the importance of the both the customer and the sales process in building a sustainable business from inception.

For those who missed the presentation, a video is after the jump. Read more

Next Seminar: Product/Market Fit on April 16th

April 12th, 2014 by NVBC Admin

Our 10-week business education series continues on Wednesday, April 16th with Product/Market Fit.

Rocketbuilders’ Dave Thomas will take you through a seminar focused on your getting your product ready for the market. Topics covered include marketing research, technology adoption models, understanding consumers, social media, “whole” solution offerings, product positioning, and pricing. Read more