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2 Responses to “Video Replay – Assessing the Opportunity with Bob de Wit”

  1. Another excellent seminar – and a trip down memory lane to boot! Replete with grins, chuckles and several bouts of “eye-rolling”.


    Stephen Jacura

  2. Rees Moerman says:

    In preparation for the 2010 session I thought it worthwhile to review the video session from last year’s competition. As our team is in the Okanagan, and it would be too expensive and time consuming to do all the 2010 sessions in Vancouver we elected to get as much background on how the competition works and what the expectations are.

    The intro session by Bob Dewitt was pretty basic and does a fair job of laying out the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the program, as well as some basic “house keeping rules.” It is easy to follow and although drags in a few spots it is none the less a solid entry point for anyone seriously considering this potential new-co hazing exploit.

    Our team just completed the 2010 session in Kelowna sponsored b OSTEC and NVBC (Seminar & Networking Event on April 8th 2010). There was some really solid live context at this event which extrapolated and enhanced on this intro presentation. It did a good job of reinforcing how newbies are perceived and assessed by the judges and how business ventures are built, assessed, risk managed and 3rd party valued. I got the impression that quickly gaining a second skin (highly resistant to oral abrasion) is well worth cultivating as this is after all a competition and not a club.

    So with that in mind, this video is worth reviewing for any prospective at-distance NVBC competitor outside the lower mainland in best understanding the basics, with some pretty good patter about past participants and sub plots within the overall event.